Do you want to forget about compliance while ensuring good rates?

Stop manual tracking and streamline compliance and certificate of insurance management. COI Tracking and Management can be automated with SmartCompliance.

  • SmartCompliance seamlessly does compliance administration without having to micromanage each individual action.
  • You can even digitize documents with 0 inputs on your part thanks to Smartcompliance’s Optical Character Recognition Feature.
  • If you are an administrator, a financial manager, a financial director, or a broker, get SmartCompliance.
  • Schedule a demo today and see SmartCompliance for yourself.

A no-hassle Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you feel that our product did not live up to your expectations or meet your standards of excellence, we offer a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee for 30-days.

What can you do with SmartCompliance?

Manage COIs in a centralized location and automate certificate and endorsement collection.
  • Send your insureds automated requests for missing or expiring certificates.
  • Create and send insureds professional-looking emails and links to upload certificates online without relying on a web developer.
  • Easily submit certificates and other documents with a single click, reducing time spent during the COI communication process.
  • Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to scan forms, transcribe information and compare your customized risk templates to guarantee insured compliance.
  • Get complete reports on all system activity, employee productivity, duplicated documents, insured compliance, bulk renewals, communications sent and more.

How do you know if SmartCompliance fits your needs?

  • Do you need to manage compliance in a centralized location?
  • Do you need to reduce manual inputting of data and paper trails drastically?
  • Do you need your compliance rates displayed in dashboards that are easy to read?
  • Do you need to automate the workflow around your certificates?
  • Do you need auto notifications about expiry dates and missing certificates?

Then, the answer is yes, you need SmartCompliance.

Our Clients Say

“I’d highly recommend SmartCompliance to any risk and insurance companies looking to streamline document and workflow management, improve the services they provide for clients, and improve the collective sanity and efficiency of their organization.”


Skip Brechtel
Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer at CCMSI

“Certificates of Insurance (COI) are an essential part of managing liability in our organization. A manual process for COI Management can easily become a resource draining nightmare… By using SmartCompliance to manage certificates of insurance, we’ve helped our clients increase their vendor compliance percentage by as much as 65%.”


Rachael Deely
Consultant/Strategy Marketing Manager at Commercial Insurance Consultants (CIC)

“At Assured Partners, we love SmartCompliance! We use it for our Commercial Real Estate and Agribusiness accounts. The software has allowed us to keep up with upcoming expiration dates on contracts and certificates of insurance.”


William Harris
Account Manager / Team Leader at Assured Partners

So, how does SmartCompliance work?

  1. We work closely with our clients to define their specific requirements and upload documents to our database. Certification Requirements are encapsulated and coded into SmartCompliance.
  2. Once, a Certificate of Insurance is submitted through our system. where Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology scans and digitizes the documents.
  3. Our experts review compliance documentation, including requirements, renewals, and expiration dates.
  4. SmartCompliance sends renewal alerts to vendors with upcoming renewals, allowing them to directly upload the required documents.
  5. SmartCompliance’s Experts continuously monitor requirements and compliance status. They submit documents to ensure strict compliance standards are maintained, establishing a robust foundation for compliance.
  6. Compliance rates improve, making clients and vendors alike spend less time and money worrying about compliance and saving money on regulatory fines.

SmartCompliance is the solution that will put your processes on the fast track to fulfillment, along with increased retention of your customers and peace of mind for you at each step of the process.